Letting Go


“You only lose what you cling too.” – Buddha 

Letting go is among one of the hardest things to do. I know this all too well, as I’m sure you do. You’re probably thinking but why Lexi? What will this do for me besides taking valuable time out of my day. Well friends, let me tell you. Lets say someone in your workplace stole your lunch. Now you’re angry, because your yummy pizza is gone and now you have no lunch. Then you walk by that person and you see them indulging on YOUR yummy pizza. Your rage builds and the rest of the day is ruined, because someone took your lunch. And now every time you see this person your rage builds and you spend time out of your valuable day raging at this incident that happen two months ago. This is no way to live this life we were given, spending time on all these negative emotions will only give you negative experiences. And nobody wants that. Letting go doesn’t have to be just letting go emotions either. It can be anything, letting go of a negative person in your life, letting go of a mental disorder, even those old clothes that have been sitting in your closet for years. If you find yourself resisting to let go, think about why you need this thing in your life. And if you find yourself struggling to find an answer, then it is time to let this thing go. You’re probably wondering, but Lexi how do I let go and move on? Here are some tips to help you do this.

  1. Let it go – First you must make the conscious choice to let go whatever it is that is holding you back. Then you must follow through with commitment and intention.
  2. Forgiveness – When you are willful and hold resentment against another person, this only holds you back and you will never be able to move forward in your life. So try your best to learn and practice forgiveness everyday.
  3. Radical Acceptance – Accept the things you cannot change. These moments right now are the ones that create the future, don’t use these moments to linger in the past.
  4. Cry it out – Holding in the pain and hurt will only hold you back. Express how you feel to yourself and others. Doing this will help you understand what you’re hurt about, which makes it easier to accept, forgive and let go.
  5. Change your thought patterns – Everything starts with changing your thought patterns. Notice when you’re thinking negatively and change it. Being able to change your thought patterns is one of the most helpful tools there is. I talked a bit about this in my first blog if you would like to know more.

If you find yourself struggling to let go please try using some of these tips. Its a hard and possibly long process to let go, but one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Be kind to yourselves, love yourselves and have a wonderful rest of your Sunday.

Love, Lexi

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